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Pace Gallery Open House & 5th Anniversary Exhibition
By Swee Chin PAN


8 PM
@ Pace Gallery
Suraya Yaacob (standing 3rd from the right) & her friends

It was perfect timing. I had returned only the night before from a holiday cum foreign art research trip and Pace Gallery’s Hari Raya Open House was the first Raya open house for me this year! And the gallery is 5 years old now – how quickly time has flown…I remember Darling Muse Gallery along Jalan Bukit Pantai in Kuala Lumpur, Yusof and Suraya’s wedding celebrations at Pace, the birth of their daughter…

I digress…this Anniversary exhibition is a group show showing works of 16 artists, all having exhibited at Pace before, namely: Nazlishah Mohd Yahya, Alif Omar, Edroger Rosili, Seeling Tan, Azizi Latif, Khairul Arshad, Fawwaz Sukri, Meor Mohd Nafis, Azrin Mohd, Hirzaq Harris, Arikwobowo Amril, Fendy Zakri, Fauzul Yusri, Farid Raihan and Nizam Abdullah, and Yusof Majid himself, all exhibiting a painting each.

SeeLing with Mind Talk

Alisa Rahim-Kadir, Claudine Zecha Simmons & Ratna Wasli

Bingley, SeeLing & Yusof

Datin Nariza & Iqbal Abdul Rahim

Iqa Khairuddin & Mona Wairah

Koen & Jarellyn

Nizam Rahmat & Jailani Abu Hassan
Nizam, Mohd Akmal, Ali Nur Azmal & Farid Raihan

Not all the artists were present but I managed to speak to some of them about their works.

Here is Nizam Abdullah posing with his Rose Drawing 1. I have always only thought of Nizam as a sculptor, but as you can see, he can paint as well. As he says: ‘You have to learn to do everything’.

Nizam Abdullah with Rose Drawing 1

I love Khairul Arshard’s Still Searching. The girl is so adorable and surrounded by a rose, Pink Panther, Inspector Gadget, some cartoon characters, Marilyn Monroe…all what Khairul thinks a little girl would want or want to be…

Khairul Arshard with Still Searching
Another painting I really like is a postage stamp with a portrait of our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, aptly titled Father. The artist, Hirzaq Harris, was not present but here is a photograph of the painting. Don’t you agree that it is charming? The medium is acrylic and bitumen on canvas.

 Hirzaq Harris's Father

Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj continues with his wildlife theme and Man’s greed and love of money (see Loaded…a show of money). This time, it is a cheetah licking its cub…it is sad as its home is being taken away by Man, and really there is Nothing Like Home for Man and creatures alike.

 Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj with Nothing Like Home

It was a great evening with many fellow artists present as well as family and friends. I must say I enjoyed the rendang and am looking forward to more Raya open houses’ openings!
Pace Gallery 5th Anniversary Exhibition is on until 23 September 2012.
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