Art Talk

Episode 12 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

After yet another trip to Singapore – to gain final approval for the book The Story of Colors of Cambodia, Honey Khor found herself negotiating for a fresh, larger, and ultimately more impressive venue for the book launch. It is with thanks to all her friends, and supporters that the new venue was found, and turned out to be even larger, and more impressive, than that most imaginative lady could have envisioned. 

The stage was literally set for the Malaysian book launch of the century. Guests and VIPs were being contacted by the quietly efficient super business-woman Honey.  Donations and sponsorship – providing money to print the book, were flooding in. Within a very short space of time – and much quicker than the estimated deadline – Honey had secured all the money to print 1,000 copies of the book. Much to all our reliefs.


The writing and designing of the book was slowly taking place, and well on target to get the book to the printers on time. The book, Honey and her sleek SUV were all on a roll, with all systems seeming set at go. This was the crucial time. All had to come together in time for the grand launch.

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