Art Talk

By Liew Kian Yap

Launching of new art gallery – Lux Art Gallery poses this question
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.  Lux Art Gallery will be officially launched on 19 August 2017 at 4pm. In the current economic environment, one may ask - Is there still a market for art? Yes. Art fulfills two needs, economic and soul. 
A savvy art collector buys art from an artist because he sees the artist’s potential to grow and become an emerging artist and later an established artist. The art collector will follow his development and support through sales, the artist’s journey. At some stage, the collector will sell off the painting at a better price due to the artist’s popularity and make an economic gain which he can use to re-invest in another artist.
Art collectors and art lovers are also people who understand the intrinsic value of art, which is it’s ability to either calm the soul after a hard day at work, energise the spirit, re-live a memory or make a social commentary of interest to the collector.
Lux Art Gallery wishes to contribute to the art world by supporting Malaysian artists primarily but also offer works of selected foreign artists so that there is a mix and choice for serious art investors or buyers who often come, get attached to a certain painting or artist’s work and purchase it purely for their viewing pleasure.
As Malaysia reaches its 60th year of independence and moving towards a more affluent and cultured society, we are seeing more Malaysians having an appreciation for art and realizing its value. The owners of Lux Art Gallery, Teo Cheng Chuah and his wife, Coco Shan are also ardent collectors and wish to further develop and enhance the art environment. Lux Art gallery currently has thirty artists in their portfolio and also consignment works from collectors who wish to re-sell their artworks to invest in more art!
The launching of Lux Art Gallery will be officiated by Pn Zanita Anuar, Director of Kuala Lumpur Biennale, National Art Gallery.  It will be an afternoon of art sharing and appreciating among fellow artists and art lovers.
About  :  Lux Art Gallery is a new established art gallery in the middle of Bangsar (opposite Bangsar Village, next to AM Bank), Kuala Lumpur. It had a soft launch in May 2017 among family and friends. And 19 August 2017 will be the official launch. On 20 August, it will be opened to the public. The gallery is owned by Teo Cheng Chuah and Coco Shan and managed by Mary Teoh.
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