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Josephine Balakrishnan - SUMMER EXHIBITION

SGFA presents the wonderfully vibrant, naïve art of  Josephine Balakrishnan, with 10 paintings,
in the
May 15 – August 15, 2012
JOSEPHINE BALAKRISHNAN is of Sri Lankan parentage, though she has lived for most of her life outside the country.  She grew up in California and her aesthetic captures the colours and sensibilities of the sunshine state while often exploring the mythologies of Sri Lanka’s religions.   During her childhood, her mother shared elaborate stories of Sri Lanka - where men walked on fire, cobras danced, and certain people could tell the future.
As a child,  she  spent long hours using playing cards to stage stories and  decipher a personal universe.  Art provided her with tools to connect to the external world and communicate scenes from a vibrant imagination.
This  body of work communicates through a process of visual dissonance. Balakrishnan comments:

Dissonance in music refers to a combination of notes that when played simultaneously sounds incongruent and jarring, calling for a resolution. Poets too work with this concept using words that at the beginning of the poem feel unrelated. The Surrealists and Fauves could be considered the parents of visual dissonance. I use their work as a foundation to provide images composed of colors, and images which are incongruent. The viewer is attracted and compelled to resolve the incongruity which then reveals a hidden narration.”
She uses  societal themes and color sense collected from a diverse and rich background, filled with travel in India, Sri Lanka and Europe.
Often my work encompasses a story, a narration that needs a sense of more than one culture to decipher. Each painting is a narration that tells a story.
Exhibitions, Selected Invitational and Juried Shows, and Gallery Affiliation
Shalini Ganendra Fine Art,  Summer Exhibition, KL  2012
Shalini Ganendra Fine Art, Serendipity  (Group),  New York  2006
Gallery 706, Colombo, Sri Lanka, (Solo Shows): September 2003, 1998, 1979
Project Leap (Group), Surface Matters, Emeryville, CA: January 2003
Awards and Honors
American Booksellers Association Award — Best educational multimedia: 1996
Sumeria International QuickTime award, Multimedia "Dolor": 1992
California State Exposition, Award of Excellence: 1989, Superior Award: 1990
Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (SECA) Nominee: 1989
For more information / viewing:
SHALINI  GANENDRA  FINE  ART @ Gallery Residence
No. 8  Lorong 16/7B, Section 16, PJ  Selangor, Malaysia  
Tel:       +603 7960 4740
Hours:  Tues to Sat:  11am – 7pm.      Public holidays and other times by appointment.
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