Art Talk

Episode 6 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

Well, we had to be different, didn’t we?
No sooner were we out of Siem Reap airport – Cambodia, than I proposed. I knew Cambodia to be Honey’s most favourite place on earth – she had been going back and forth for Colors of Cambodia since 2007, so that is where I proposed and – she said yes.
Now proposing and getting married are two very different things. So I added – here, in Cambodia and wouldn’t it be nice if we were to do it this trip – in the Colors of Cambodia gallery, again Honey said yes.
We asked American Bill to be the best man. He agreed - we had but one day to sort it all out. This was Sunday, Bill was leaving on the Tuesday, ooops. With a tremendous effort by all concerned, by 6.30 we were sitting in front of a Buddhist priest and getting married. Honey had laid her hand phone down, slipped out of her business mode and consented to be my wife in the Colors of Cambodia gallery, surrounded by bemused staff, students and a bank of photographers brought over to assist with the book. It was all very romantic.

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