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Jasmine Kok - Sensuality

Red Fantasy
Visualize the beauty of women in curvaceous movements and their alluring femininity sizzles into irresistible delight of attention...Take a deep breath as we journeyed into the depths of the unknown, to the beauty of charisma of Jasmine Kok. Her sensuality is closely embedded with strokes of human figures and corset-wearing persona after enduring a long phase of emotional and physical breakdown for the past many years. The corset which initially came as a healing tool was later perceived and embraced into an indescribable beauty appeal in the form of mysterious yet enchanting sculptures. The smooth velvet textures of Jasmine Kok’s masterpieces are personification of her feelings to speak of femininity to the greatest lengths.

Blue Mystique

Silver Elegance

Being a young woman myself, I am certainly amused with Jasmine Kok’s strong characterization of igniting her inner struggles into series of artistic findings, and her exploration of mediums in mixture of colours undoubtedly reveal Jasmine Kok’s expanding curiosity to venture into the other side of the world.
Jasmine Kok’s solo exhibition, ‘Sensuality’ is a definitely must-go exhibition of 2012. Come over to Galeri Chandran at Bukit Damansara from 20th February to 10th March 2012 to experience the magnetic persona of women in the most sensual way! The exhibition will also showcase drawings as well as her previous nature series along with the sculptures.

Brown Erotic

Red Sensual

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