Art Talk

Episode 3 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

The SUV is in for service - in readiness for the Singapore trip. Photographers have been on the phone – do we need visas for Cambodia...what are the sleeping arrangements...can we have single rooms instead of far from the project will we we use dollars or local currency. Honey Khor continues to juggle arrangements, as we prepare to meet with Bill and, hopefully, gain his blessings for the latest Colors of Cambodia project (the book) – spearheaded by Honey.

I rifle my small collection of foreign currency, and discover that I have Sing $23 and ten cents, hardly enough for a three day trip. Honey has little more. It’s time to pay a visit to the bank then.

Meanwhile the computer is a-buzzin’ with ideas and illustrations for the book proposal. Will Bill go for it, can we bushwack him into giving his consent for the project. We momentarily hold our joint breaths. It is becoming a slightly tense time. All rests of Bill’s agreement for the book project. Without his agreement we are back to the computer drafting board and yet more proverbial head scratching. There are more black flashes as Honey’s SUV speeds faster than Superman’s speeding bullet.

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