My Art Quest

An Arty Breakthrough to China ( Part 1 )
By Liew Kian Yap
9 March 2012

The journey to China is indeed more than meets the eye. Despite language differences (I am not well-versed in Mandarin), I was completely awestruck by the depths of the art literacy and the warm gestures of the people, especially the gifted artists.
Meet Yao Yuan, the artist who owns a really nice and spacious studio. In fact, I would say it is totally a blessing as he can paint freely in such strategic environment without distraction and burden. Although Yao Yuan is just a fresh graduate as a fine artist, his talent is already overflowing through his artworks. As a potential young artist, I hope that he can travel abroad to gain more exposure and knowledge.



Another mesmerizing artist who came to light is Wu Zuguang and his art of sculpture. His selfless pursuit to carve those vivid masterpieces came by as a method of self-expression. I can feel that his works reflect his state of mind of his refined living attitude and art ideal state.



As my journey continues, I met Zheng Yukui, a ceramic sculpture artist. Seeing him for the first time, I could tell that he is full of passion for life. His language of sculpture is reaffirmed with a beautiful combination of columns and spheres. Blending with soil, Zheng uses his creative imagination which connects to his daily life experiences.





Meanwhile, stay tuned for Part 2 for more great happenings !