My Art Quest

An Arty Breakthrough to China ( Part 3 )
By Liew Kian Yap
11 March 2012

In this section, I’m revealing two beautiful yet talented female artists of all times!
First and foremost, let me introduce to you, Ms. Lin Fei Fei! Graduated from the prominent art school in Shen Yang, Lin has the midas touch on human portraits. I was fascinated by her skills as she could really sketch the facial expressions of human beings into such realistic impressions. Totally engrossed into the art of yin and yang, almost of her artworks are in contrast, of sheer dark and bright! However, take notice that her favourite colour is always green, wonder why? She actually uses green leaves to express her fullest emotions and feelings.



Moving on to Ms. Niu Yi, try to observe her paintings which are associated with a tree. A healthy tree is much dependant on the stems below the ground. One must know that the roots are of utmost significance to the outlook of the tree above. I guess that her artworks are personification of one’s life; likewise a good blood system is important to support and sustain a human’s life. Captivating indeed! During our conversation, I actually invited her to exhibit her artworks in Malaysia. 

Until then, I shall keep you guys posted for more ! Xie xie ni!