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Soul Aesthetic by Yang Xu at RKFA Kuala Lumpur

(20 March - 3 April 2014)

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) Kuala Lumpur proudly presents Soul Aesthetic featuring Yang Xu (b. 1980). The exhibition will run from 20 March – 3 April 2014. It will feature a conversation the artist had with Ai Wei Wei on the 14th of Sept, 2013. The exhibition will be staged almost simultaneously at Richard Koh Fine Kuala Lumpur (20 March – 3 April 2014) and Art Seasons Singapore (13 March – 5 April 2014). From coins, figures, landscapes, and small things in his earlier works, to the ballet series that he is currently painting, Yang Xu’s subject matters have always seem to be unrelated and scattered. His painting technique is influenced by classical and ancient styles (mainly the skill of tempera painting). In the language of painting, beneath the reality, standards, and rules on the canvas, Xu aims to express arrogance, eccentricity, and absurdity. The exhibition will feature oil paintings, tondos and multi-paneled works. Soul Aesthetic is Yang Xu’s second solo exhibition at Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur.