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LIM KIM HAI (林金海) at 63 years old, is a very prominent Malaysian painter that has
gained international recognition. Highlights of his achievements include: Golden award from Salon des Artistes Français (Paris, 1982), Silver Award from Salon International du Val dʼOr (1984, France), Award of Prix Henri Lehamann (peinture) from Institut de France – académie des Beaux- Arts (Paris, 1986), and Golden and Public awards from 52nd Salon des Beaux Arts, Enghien les Bains (1987) and numerous important solo and retrospective shows throughout the world (from France to Russia, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and his native Malaysia).
Born in 1950 in Selangor, Lim began his training at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. In 1975, he left South East Asia for Paris to study modern and contemporary painting at lʼEcole Supérieure des Beaux Arts. Lim belongs to a group of « overseas » Chinese painters who merged Chinese and European philosophy of art and aesthetics by inventing his own language. Having established himself quite well in France, he found resonance in the creative journeys of Renaissance artist Augustin Henckel, Post-Impressionist Cezanne, Abstract Expressionist De Kooning and Realist Impressionist Manet through his long visits to the Louvre and other local museums.
Lim found his own artistic language in representing apples. Feeling quite lonely in Paris, on a subconscious level, apples became his friends. They represent human beings, as varied and different with various sizes, shapes, colors and personalities as people can have. His realist yet very fantastic style of painting leads us to a form of artistic expression that transcends East and West. This is not Asian painting. This allows us to perceive ʻfeelingsʼ and have a pure and direct sensation about Limʼs work.


With the exhibition LIM KIM HAI – OPTICAL OPTIMISM (23 November – 21 December, 2013), 69 Fine Art Gallery is proud to have the distinct privilege to be the first gallery exhibiting a group of these works painted between 2008 and 2013. Limʼs choice of such an euphonious title already suggests some of the over (and under) laps which are such a feature for his new show at 69 Fine Art Gallery.
On view will be a group of exceptionally large oil paintings coming directly from the artistʼs studio and a few smaller ones dated from 2008 to 2013.They belong to the most recent period in Lim Kim Haiʼs work : they are largely in the yellow and orange tones.. He is still painting with as much vivacity and strength as when he was a young man. His dreamlike portrayal of apples is fabulous as he sometimes oversizes them and optical effects are really surnatural. The joyous feeling you get from the apples Lim depicts is what he wishes for humankind : peace and happiness for all humanity, whatever race or religion. Today, he continues his "optimistic" quest using apples and the medium of painting once again pushing the boundaries of creation and technique. Isnʼit it ironic that the more we look at Lim Kim Haiʼ apples, the more one feels filled with inner peace and gentleness?  
Lim Kim Hai lives and works in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
A fully illustrated colour catalogue will be available at the time of the exhibition.