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Miniature Exhibition & The World’s Smallest Portrait - Mohd. Hadi Abolghasemi
Updated: 5/May/2012

It finally happened. The miniature exhibition of all times to impress all walks of life. Breathtaking works with eye-catching details accentuate Mohammad Hadi Abolghasemi's talent into even greater heights!

The officiant, Tuan Haji. Ramzi with Abolghasemi

Catching the most attention of the crowd was this masterpiece, and everyone was eyeing it with the classic tool, the great magnifying glass!

Chiak! Asghar Yaghoubi caught unaware with all smiles!

Abolghasemi's smart outfit and delighted expression stood under the limelight of the day

Art lovers onboard!

Dr.Kordi as usual grabbed the attention as a great conversationist

Yaghoubi focusing on the artwork



Taking a break from the crowd with an enchanting view of Abolghasemi's works

Have fun watching all the splendid works (or imagining they are in front of your eyes!) I know many of you probably had missed the exhibition, but no worries... many upcoming exhibitions from MIAS be arriving to catch your passionate gaze. Chaos..

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