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Painting Exhibition by Mina Hedayat
Updated: 4/May/2012

Ta da.. Fireworks please! 

Introducing the ever-famous and beautiful Iranian artist, Mina Hedayat! Exhibited at Cube Gallery, many people flooded into the sardine-packed gallery to witness the inspiring parade of artworks from this multitalented artist (we're talking about an ambitious and highly-educated Mina Hedayat here!)

Spot the handsome and photogenic Dr. Kordi in the background?

Great performance to soothe the ears of listeners
Mina's artworks reflected a close and personal perspective of her life, which can be seen by a vivid symbolisation of herself in the paintings. 



Stunning artworks with warm and charismatic personality, Mina Hedayat managed to turn all heads towards her direction!

Curtain's rolling down, but don't stray away too far!

There's many upcoming exhibitions that are generously supported by MIAS to steal your hearts away! Stay tuned for more :)

Meanwhile, check out Kian's Art Venture @ Borak-Borak Seni if you are a fan of Persian art!