1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors


29 May 2013

ArtMalaysia has organised 1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors event with the purpose to create an e-Directory and nation’s largest artist convergence with a charity art exhibition.
In the midst of organising this event, it has gained the attention of 1MCAT to support this initiative. ArtMalaysia is calling out to artists and sculptors  to submit an artist's photo with profile and latest works of arts to info@artmalaysia.org so that we can create a dedicated page for you with continuous artists and sculptors’ progress. Meanwhile, we will constantly promote your page via social media. In the world of technology, an e-Directory is highly convenient in which it can be accessed directly using mobile gadgets, thus helping to increase artist's recognition in this world without borders.

ArtMalaysia is a fond supporter of Global Forestry Protection. For all our publishing works, we will try to reduce the usage of papers. Therefore, creating an e-Directory serves the eco-friendly purpose and also benefits the artist at the same time with regular updates, in which the printing of hard copy directory is costly and unable to be updated regularly. 

Art Promoter
Project Manager

Christina Nalina Das

Kally Liew Choon Fong

Karen Ee

Cheong Mei Fong

Chin Kon Yit

Fuad Abu Bakar

Khoo Khay tat

Y.Bhg Dato' Mahsun

Suzlee Ibrahim

Yew Swee Wah

Fauziah Hj Yahaya

Y.Bhg Dato' Abdul
Rahman Rahim

Chekri Mansor

Mass Yusoff 

Wong Miau Yong

Chee Wai Loong

Shirley Chu Siow Eng

N. Shantamathe

Joyce Koo

Oh Chow Moy

Koh Shim Luen


Wong Kean Choon

Ken Tan
Yew Chong

Phang Chew

Debora Teo

Thomas Yoon
Chee Tuck

Kenny Lee
Ooi Meng

Cheong Lam Sam

Loo Win

Chor Shy Miin

Ong Keng Hong

Ong Choon Hoo

Wong Siew Lee

Christianne Goonting

Chuah Shu Ruei

Tan Suz Chiang

Tan Guat Ling

June Yapyudan

Sharon Shanti

Shan Shan Lim

Che Norkasmini

Kong Yink Heay

Yong koon Mei

Yong Koon Lian