Organiser's Message

As the publisher of ArtMalaysia magazine, my job entails me to travel widely within Peninsular Malaysia from time to time. During my countless art quests, I witnessed strange yet interesting real-life scenarios in which many living things are present in artists’ lives. I realised that many artists’ homes usually have aquariums with marine fish, pet dogs, cats, and even spine-chilling creatures like iguanas, spiders, and ants! What’s more, there’s actually an artist who built a garden inside his house to gain his artistic inspirations from the soothing sanctuary while he paints birds and nature.
If you observe the artists up close and personal, you will find out that they are willing to venture to outskirts of town for creative ideas. Sometimes, they can be inspired by going on a horse ride or even sightseeing in the zoo to take snapshots of orang utans and tigers. 
Another beguiling observation is none other than our very own urban lifestyle in the city. Undeniably, many of us breed all types of domestic animals in our sophisticated homes, thus there is an ‘animal kingdom’ within a city.
There is an inseparable, unique relationship between artists and animals on the land, water and air. Nothing can keep them apart when there is continuity in the sense of appreciation towards each other.
Therefore, I invite artists to create their own version of animals' kingdom on canvases. The experiences are definitely going to be astounding as this kingdom is soundless but the existence of animals on canvases will make every viewer’s imagination goes alive. The dog may ‘bark’, the cat will ‘meow’, and the cow is ‘mooing’, but all of them will indeed bond with each artistic soul in distinctive perspectives.


31st December 2012

Organizer's Thought on Animal Extinction
While I'm on the midst of inviting animal painters to participate in this event, I realize the real Animal Kingdom is on the way to extinction. Here are some of the sites that I had discovered:
When animal painters dedicate their time to paint a particular choice of animal, they equip themselves with encyclopedias and books to study the behavioral pattern of the animals. Thus, in the process, animal painters strengthen their bond with the animals and environment that serve as a habitat for the animals. However, the thought of environmentalists and awareness of authority to curb these illegal poachers are unable to prevent animal extinction from happening. 
Some may begin to purchase animal books and CD archive of animals of the world for their future generation to witness the existence of animals. Sadly to say, the future generation will lose the chance to feel and touch the animals. 
All I can think to save all these near-extinct animals is conservation. What are your thoughts on this?
Art Promoter
Project Manager

29 May 2013 

Before We Lose Them Forever

Many a times we hear people express deep regret over something or a pet who is no longer with us now. I am sure this holds true to many of us. For this reason, we keep certain things in a form of memory for that something or pet, like a photo, painting or perhaps memorabilia.

Our natural environment is under severe attack due to ignorance, negligence or events beyond our control like natural disasters resulting in the rapid disappearance of many animal species. Tigers, Elephants, Rhinocerous just to name a few. The Tasmania Devil, one of my personal favourite is now gone forever! I can only see them in photos, paintings or some old films.

Towards the cause of preservation, in the coming month of June 2013 from 20th to 23rd, ArtMalaysia will be holding an exhibition at the Exhibition Hall at Viva Home Shopping Mall, focusing on the Animals’ Kingdom. Many artists who specialize in animal paintings that are dear to their hearts will be there! All are Welcome, be it just to browse around, contribute or make a difference to our beloved Animals’ Kingdom.

Preservation is our duty to our future generations so that they too will be able to enjoy the beauty of all living creatures that roam our lovely, lonely planet. As our contribution to the preservation of endangered species, ArtMalaysia will donate 10% of their proceeds of sale from this exhibition to the World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia (WWF).

Your participation is crucial to the rebuilding of our animal Kingdom. Together we can make a difference.


12th June 2013

ArtMalaysia is pleased to invite you to

a charity art exhibition which will be unveiled by
MINISTER OF TOURISM AND CULTURE MALAYSIA on Saturday, 22nd June 2013 at 4pm 
at Viva Home Shopping Mall

Kally Liew
Choon Fong

Nalaina Das

Khoo Khay Tat

Fuad Abu Bakar

Koh Shim Luen

Y.Bhg Dato' Abdul
Rahman Rahim

Choy Meng Foong

Mass Yusoff



Yusser A. Taqi
Ai - Qazwini

Elham Abadeh

Suzi Chua

Felicia Loh

Yoon Hyo Joon


Grace Jin
Ok Sook

Alice Yee
Yuen Chin

Pantea Hendi

Mahboobeh Faraz

Aloysius Yapp

Kang Mi Rueng

Choi Jung Suk

Yong Koon Lian

Marziah Aladpoosh

Habibollah Razavi

Negar Forootan

Neshat Forootan

Sarah Chey Yu Li

Cheam Jia Xing

Chan Tat Wai

Mahya Rouhisefat


Fauziah Hj Yahaya

Elnaz Rostami

Gelareh Lavaie

Samira Hosseini

Yau Xin Yan

Ethen Ng 
Horng Guan

Mooi Seng Chung

Lo Min Wei

Lee Rou Wen

Gary Chuah
Chun Wah

Delwin Cheah
Wien Loong

Chan Boon Hong

Abdul Amir Karim


Simin Pezeshki