Art Tourism

Snippets of Art Tourism

Each artist finds his own comfort zone while seeking artistic inspirations 

Both local and international artists share their joy while smiling to the camera

Taiwanese artist, Kao Yung Chang is the storyteller of the day

Korean artist, Kim Young Min paints by the lake


Iranian artist, Fatemeh Mofarahi's painting is a sight to behold

Kao Yung Chang's impressive works of art

Artists paint on the green, green grass 

Suzlee Ibrahim flaunts his abstract masterpieces


Ch'ng Kiah Kiean is in a solitude on a steep of the hill

Iranian artist, Asghar Yaghoubi captivates us with his sketches

Artists are sketching a majestic view 


Yaghoubi paints under the shades of trees


Faizal Suhif explores his creativity by painting on-the-go

Artists are sharing their creative space


Filipino artist, Radel Paredes smiles to himself as he paints

Khoo Khay Tat enjoys his evening breeze while painting

Faizal Suhif admires his own works

Local artist, Kally Liew and Taiwanese artist, Tsai Chen Yin are full of smiles

A sneak peek closer to the artist that finds comfort among the trees

Khoo Khay Tat is in deep concentration

Martin Wood is another artist on a hiding

Artists are exchanging views

Indonesian artist, Antonious Kho 

Fatemeh Mofarahi shows us her final work

Martin Wood and the nature

Filipino artist, Celso Pepito and Radel Paredes show their support for ArtMalaysia

Yaghoubi still manages to catch a smile while painting