Art Talk

Great Migration – Solo Exhibition by Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj
By Swee Chin PAN


 7.30 PM
@ TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
I was trying desperately to remember when I was last at Taksu. It must have been last year as I have definitely not been since I started blogging for Art Talk in March 2012. So it is my first time at Taksu this year then…how time flies…but I had to make it for Najib’s first solo exhibition. His work really impressed me at Loaded…a show of money at Pace Gallery at the end of June 2012. And this exhibition is sold out! I am not surprised.

This young man only graduated a couple of years ago from Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam with a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art (Painting). His mixed media artwork on canvas and wood panels is truly impressive and he even mixes cement in his paint to create the effect he wants in some of the paintings!
The theme, Great Migration, is one which is close to the hearts of many. Wildlife fighting for their survival when their natural habitat is invaded by Man….hunted mercilessly by Man’s misconceived belief in cure-all potions and elixirs…their tusks, horns, coats and whatever else these poor animals allegedly offer…tug at the heart strings indeed. Najib says in the catalogue: Normally a ‘great migration’ means moving to a new place to find water. But in my case, these animals are moving from jungle to town…I bring all the animals to the city to show the public that our animals are gone. We only have the images on the wall left.
We must however and whenever we can, ensure the survival of these poor animals. We must not let any of them become extinct.

 Najib with Great Migration 10

On a lighter note, it was another lovely evening at Taksu. Friends, artists and collectors alike were all having a good time enjoying the hospitality offered. I am, of course, referring to the delicious Moghul cuisine prepared by Manju Saigal. All I spoke to agree that this is a highlight of coming to an opening at Taksu. Manju’s Bhuna Ghosht (lamb), Shahi Murg (chicken in a creamy sauce of tomatoes & cashew nuts) and dessert, Paneer ki kheer (home made cheese with thickened milk flavoured with cardamom and kewra, topped with almonds) are to die for!

Ai Lei, Kow & Joshua

Choo Kuan & Dhavinder

Cik M, Damia Qistina, Husna, Khaty & Siti

Judy Suherwan, Andre Keller with son, Kevin

Khairul Izham, Azizzi Latif, Mior Mohd Nafiz & Sukor Romat

Michael Davidson, Amelia Ong & TH Chiam

Mr & Mrs Loh Yee Min

Patrice & Kian Yap

Syafiq Haris & Nortijah

Suherwan & Nizam Rahmat
You still have time to catch this talented young man’s works as Great Migration will be on until 20 October 2012.

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