Art Talk

Perjalanan Seorang Seniman - An Artist’s Journey
By Swee Chin PAN


5 PM
@ NN Gallery

This is a solo exhibition by self-taught artist, Fong Kim Seng, who learnt how to paint from books and from observing his fellow artists…amazing, don’t you agree? As they say: ‘When you have it, you have it. When you don’t, you don’t’ – I for one, can’t even draw, let alone paint! And he has mastered different styles too. There are the collages where he uses hand made paper cut up into semi abstract forms and painting in mixed media to create scenes mainly of mountains and valleys shrouded in morning mist. Here he is with his favourite piece, Misty Morning II.
Misty Morning II

As with many artists, Kim Seng is inspired by his surroundings. Hailing from Alor Setar, Kedah, the Kuala Series is influenced by the fishermen in the fishing villages in his hometown. He was moved by just how hard they had to work to put food on the table. He says in the catalogue for the exhibition: This bittersweet hardship is rarely experienced nor felt by the many layers and classes of society. How very true this statement is – so many go through life oblivious of how others live.

 Kuala Series II

The lotus flower is the next subject-matter to capture his heart. This probably came about from his treks into the jungle. I can imagine encountering the ponds of beautiful lotuses when one comes to an opening, and stopping to marvel at the wonders of nature. I do constantly.

Lotus IV

Lotus V

 It was marvelous to find out that NN Gallery hosted Kim Seng’s first solo exhibition way back in 1996 at their initial gallery in Jalan Jati, Kuala Lumpur too. And he was their first artist to hold a solo exhibition there as well! What a great longstanding relationship!

Kim Seng being such an old timer, guests that late afternoon included many artists. Ilse Noor, Dato’ Sharifah Fatimah Zubir, Heng Eow Lin, Tew Nai Tong, Eston Tan, Anthony Chan Sai Weng, Brigitte and Azzudin Shahabudin, were present among others. And Ambassador Dato’ Mohd Yusof Ahmad, Director General of the National Visual Arts Gallery, officiated the opening, no less!

Brigitte Shahabudin & Eston Tan

Goh Yee & Lim Ka Sing

Miau Wong & Heng Eow Lin

Tew Nai Tong & Tham Kok Peng

Tunku Nazif, Ilse Noor, Heng Eow Lin & Dato' Sharifah Fatimah Zubir

Fong Kim Seng, Mat Amin, Brigitte, MH Azizi & Dato' Yusof

34 paintings are being exhibited showcasing Kim Seng’s works spanning 32 years from 1980. Go and enjoy the works of this artist, and I quote from the catalogue: who paints with his own intuition.

Perjalanan Seorang Seniman will be on at NN Gallery until 29 September 2012
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