Art Talk

The 5th Thailand- Malaysia Women Artists’ Exhibition
By Liew Kian Yap

It was a tremendously fascinating exhibition to be invited to an exhibition full of beautiful ladies…especially when all the women artists were from Malaysia and Thailand! Entitled ‘Feminine Art – Cross Cultural Experience’, the most paramount goal is to share mutual interest, exchange ideas and foster friendship between two closely-knitted neighbouring countries. Wow, talk about a group of 30 charming ladies sitting together while having a cuppa and expressing their creative thoughts!
The guest of honour, Dr. Tirta Rojrangsee, Consul, Royal  Thai Consulate-General humbly congratulated both Malaysian and Thailand artists for their fullest effort in putting up such a great exhibition. She represents the Thai government; saying that she always encourages a cross-cultural exchange between the two nations.

But what’s very obvious from this exhibition was she actually observed that women of today face a great deal of challenging position, not just being a full-time housewife but also in the corporate world…yet they can still find countless time to paint.

A group photo of ‘Feminine Art- Cross Cultural Experience’

Jiamchan Chankhonghom presents her masterpiece 

Ong Ah Koy presents her lovely work to Dr. Tirta

Full-fledged support from Associate Prof A Rahman Mohamed, Dean ,Universiti Sains Malaysia

As for myself, I am very busy with my own life…always occupied with hectic schedule…how I wish I can make time like all these participating artists to paint….

Mr. Koay Soo Kau is ever-ready as he holds 2 glasses of wine to celebrate the success of the exhibition!
What’s more, I want to personally thank Mr.Koay Soo Kau for his endless effort to bring these two groups of artists to exhibit together. It has been reflected in his professionalism, passion and visionary to bring success to this cross-cultural exchange especially in this area of art.

Pornthip Thongpong explains the femininity of women to Dr.Tirta

Esther Geraldine Reutens introduces her arty piece

Ong Ah Koy elaborates more about her 'Save the Beautiful Land'

Jiamchan Chankhonghom tells a tale about her work

Grace Choong introduces her Malaysian counterpart

Pornthip Thongpong gives her wonderful speech

Brian takes a closer look to make sure this lady doesn’t “drop the apple”

If you’re a fan of realism, poetic scenery of nature, abstract or even expressionism, this exhibition at Galeri Seni Mutiara, Penang is definitely going to bring you skyhigh as you will be able to witness the creative non-verbal expressions of these artists…not forgetting the attractive aura from the women! Come, hop into your car and see you there! The exhibition runs till 26th August 2012.  

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