Art Talk

Loaded…a show of money
By Swee Chin PAN


8 PM
@ Pace Gallery
Dhavinder Singh, Najib Bamadhaj, Yusof Majid, Nizam Rahmat & Azrin Mohd
This is a group show featuring four talented artists, Azrin Mohd, Nizam Rahmat, Dhavinder Singh and Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj, and the theme they had to work with is money. Of course, they each have their own interpretation.

 Azrin Mohd with Beraja Di Mata, Bersultan Di Hati

As usual, I photographed the artists with their favourite painting in the exhibition. Azrin Mohd posed with Beraja Di Mata, Bersultan Di Hati which basically means you can do anything in this moment of time as there is no one there to stop or reprimand you. When you have money, you think you can do anything. Azrin is at the moment pursuing his Masters in Fine Art and he only started painting 4-5 years ago. He was a Creative Director in the advertising world.

Nizam Rahmat with The Bottom Line
I guess creative directors are naturally artistic as Nizam Rahmat is also one, and he has his own advertising agency. He says he has always been painting and he made a comeback in 2005 in a six-man show, after a break of 17 years…the lure is strong obviously. His The Bottom Line is a pop art assemblage where he used the images and sayings cut out from secondhand tee-shirts which he bought from Chow Kit market! Go check out what Nizam has to say about money in this piece.

 Dhavinder Singh with Anything For Money 1-6

Dhavinder Singh is a graduate of the Cardiff School of Art and Design in Wales, UK, and he, to quote a posting in Arts.Com.My: is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and new contemporary artists in the country. His painting Anything For Money is made up of six paintings which can be bought individually. Four are on betting sports, namely, dog fighting, sheep fighting, cockerel fighting and boxing. The other two show ‘begging’ – one by an old woman and the other by a sleeping woman/child.
I learnt something new again that evening, the sport of sheep fighting happens in Afghanistan and the Middle Eastern countries.

 Najib Bamadhaj with Innocent

Najib Bamadhaj’s three paintings all show wildlife – a mother with its baby. He poses with Innocent which shows a tigress with her cub. The other two are of the rhinoceros and zebra. The paintings are dotted with collages of currency notes which are created by using the transfer image technique. The tiger and the rhino are hunted mercilessly by man’s misconceived beliefs of cure-all potions and elixirs. The poor zebra is hunted for its beautiful coat.
Najib’s works show how cruel Man is and leaves me wondering whether there is any end to Man’s greed and love of money.

Faizal Suhif, Jai, Faiz Yunus & Anwar Suhaimi

Cassey Cheng & Ernesto Pujazon

Kuan & Jai

Rizal Hon, Syadid Zaharan & Nik Rizal Kamil

Sikin, Azizi Latif, Nuraini Shaharuddin, Arik, Ezzah Ahmad

Umibaizurah, Hazra Ngah & Anisa Abdullah

Yusof Majid & Dr. Roshni Menon

Loaded…a show of money features at Pace Gallery from the 27 June – 10 July 2012
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