Art Talk

Jing Chung – A Solo Exhibition
By Swee Chin PAN


5.30 PM
@ Pelita Hati
 Jing Chung with Arcadia

Jing never formally trained as an artist. Her major was in Fashion and Textiles before she switched to Interior Design. She is hence a qualified interior designer. However, she did learn Chinese ink painting from her father during her childhood days and her father just happens to be Chung Chen Sun, a well-known Chinese ink artist! She says that in the interior designing world, there are lots of boundaries and limitations. You design what your clients want and within the budget given. There is no freedom to express yourself as you can in painting. So in 2008 she kissed the world of interior design goodbye and went full time into painting.

Her colours and the Chinese brush strokes are lovely. Jing’s combination of acrylic and Chinese ink work beautifully. It may be her first solo in Malaysia and the opening was not a crowded one – it happens for new artists – but her talent is obvious, as evidenced by the many red dots! One couple read the Star article which came out on the same day of the opening, went to Pelita Hati, bought five paintings and returned again that evening for the event! And it was their first time visiting Pelita Hati!

 Michael Tan, Chung Chen Sun, Raja Annuar, Tengku Eli, Jing Chung, Eric Lee & Henry Tan

Christopher Woo, Jing Chung & May Chang

Henry Tan, Michael Tan, Chung Chen Sun & Jing Chung

As usual I was curious to find out how Jing and Pelita Hati ‘found’ each other. Jing says that it was all by chance. She was looking for a gallery to represent her in Malaysia. She liked the artists whom Pelita Hati represented and their mission statement in that they promoted Malaysian artists. So she wrote to them, met up and the deal was sealed. And all this happened in March 2012, just 2 months ago!

Jing did not think her exhibition would be a solo one, as she was initially informed that solos are not encouraged for first timers, so she was pleasantly surprised when Pelita Hati agreed to let her go solo. This just goes to show the confidence Pelita Hati has in her. They believe that she is at the level of a soloist and that she is ready. After all, Pelita Hati should know as they have been in the business for 17 years. And as it happens, it was Pelita Hati’s 17th anniversary on the day of launch! YBhg. Dato' Maznah Abdul Jalil, the Executive Chairman of the Chartered Accountants company, Moore Stephens AC, graciously officiated the launch of the exhibition that evening.

Nadzir Farhan

Prof. Salmah, Dato' Maznah Abdul Jalil & Tengku Eli

Sim, Andrew, Wong & Tengzo

Yee Chee & Kok Heng

So do go and enjoy Jing’s artistry in her 40 pieces from her Birds, Fishing Village, Chicken and Safari series.
I always believe that when you have the talent, you have it and when you don’t, you don’t. No amount of training will help you achieve what you don’t have. And Jing is the perfect example. She has it…and to quote Tengku Elina in the catalogue: It has been said that art is not what you stumble into, it is an irresistible force; it is in the blood.
Jing Chung features at Pelita Hati from 12 May – 2 June 2012 
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