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Knots – Solo Exhibition by Faiz Yunus
By Swee Chin PAN


4 PM
Faiz Yunus was the grand prize winner of the fourth Nando’s Peri-fy Your Art Competition in 2011. And he is the first of their winners to have a solo exhibition, fully sponsored by themselves and NN Gallery.

Faiz Yunus with Redonut
The first two competitions were held at NN Gallery with great success, then the decision was made to hold it at a more public place. This makes sense as then the artworks can be seen by the masses rather than just by art lovers and art enthusiasts visiting the gallery. This year, the competition will be held at the concourse of Bangsar Village 2. 

Rainbow Festival


The country needs more companies like Nando’s who support the arts. What I particularly like about this art competition is that there is a silent auction where the non-winning entries can be purchased by the public and the proceeds are then shared between the artist and his/her college or university. Bids start at only RM500. It is a great way for the artists to earn some money and raise funds for their alma mater. So if you are interested in bidding for a piece of artwork by an up-and-coming artist, do put these dates in your diary: 23 May – 3 June (exhibition period), Bangsar Village 2.

Action Painting Performance 
Knots opened with one of Faiz’s friends, Haafiz Shahimi, doing an ‘action painting performance’. It was indeed action packed – painting with silat (traditional martial art) moves and actions together with music too. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Result of the Action Painting Performance

Akhmal Asyraf  & Ruzaimah Latif

Jamaliah Hamdan & Nancie Foo

Now back to Faiz. 2011 was a great year for him as he also bagged the Grand Prize at the Starhill Art Award, Kuala Lumpur. Faiz is a fine arts graduate from Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam and looking at his twenty pieces of artworks, he can definitely draw, sketch, paint and sculpt. I love the knots sculptures and the brightly coloured Chaos series. And you can tell he is influenced by the late Datuk Ibrahim Hussein in his usage of repeated lines and shapes to create patterns and images – lovely! I am sure he will find his favourite style and medium in time to come. After all, Faiz is only 24.

Bird Skeleton & Woman and My Hair
Syahrin Nazri & Amir Firdaus

Tina Mac with The Blue Chaos

Knots features at NN Gallery from the 17 April – 5 May 2012
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