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Sabung Santai – A Group Exhibition
By Swee Chin PAN

 Sabung Santai 
@ Pelita Hati
It is always very interesting to see how an exhibition’s name is chosen, how it came about, and the reasons behind it. And the phrase Sabung Santai has a deeper meaning than its two simple words. First, it is in the Malay language, and I know an explanation would be most welcome especially for non-Malaysians and to those who are not very fluent in Bahasa Malaysia.
Sabung Santai cannot be explained in one sentence. The word sabung is generally associated with fights, in particular cockerel fights. But the word sabung in this context is not about fights. It is about the efforts and the struggles that the artists exhibiting here, as lecturers, have to go through to teach the students about their passion – art. And in showcasing their artworks in this exhibition, it is their way of showing that they can practice what they preach as it were; and to present the artworks in a relaxed and comfortable environment, as santai means relaxed.

Annas & Fiza

Zainon Abdullah with his Hembusan

The 14 visual art lecturers in this group effort are all from UiTM Perak (Universiti Teknologi MARA), and they are:
Zainon Abdullah, Hamdan Shaarani, Addy Azman Mahmud, Aznan Omar, Izzadin Mat Rahah, Izzal Khairi Ramli, Khayril Anwar bin Khairudin, Mahadi Ayob, Mahizan Hijaz Mohammad, Mohamad Fadly bin Sabran, Mohamad Hafiz bin Yahya, Mohd Daud Abdul Rahim, Muh Sarip Abdul Rahman & Noor Efendi Desa. 

 Muh Sarip Abdul Rahman's Head Machine
There are altogether 30 pieces of artwork on display, not including the sketches and drawings. The medium used is a real mix, which is to be expected from 14 artists and include mixed media, glass, oils, water colour, acrylic, collage as well as wires, plastic, and used items such as speakers and computer circuit boards! Something for everyone!

Raja Annuar, Tengku Elina & Tuan Haji Azman Ibrahim
An old friend and ex-colleague of Raja Annuar’s, Tuan Haji Azman Ibrahim, Managing Director of Pantai Medivest, officially launched the exhibition that late afternoon. And as it was early evening, hot beverages were served together with tea offerings of cream puff, baked pandan cake (kuih bakar pandan), grilled glutinous rice with coconut shrimp wrapped in banana leaf (pulut udang) and donuts (kuih keria) – delicious!
Sabung Santai features at Pelita Hati from the 7 - 30 April 2012
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