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Miniature Exhibition & The World’s Smallest Portrait - Mohd. Hadi Abolghasemi

It’s the world’s smallest portrait. 

Unveiled for the first time in Malaysia. Wait, can you see who is that? 

Ta..da…! Revealing Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah!

Delicately painted by one of Iran’s most prominent miniature artist, Mohammad Hadi Abolghasemi, his ultimate wish is to present this masterpiece of all time to our gracious Yang di Pertuan Agong. 
As for me, meeting Abolghasemi for the first time in Cube Gallery was completely astounding! Despite language barriers between him and me, Abolghasemi tried his best to relate the exquisiteness of miniature and I could really felt the enthralling journey of Persian art in the making as he went on and on…(thanks to my language translator, Cube Gallery's Asghar Yaghoubi!

I believe many of us are not familiar with Iranian miniature especially many young Malaysian artists who are seldom exposed to this great but hidden beauty. Persian miniature in short, is actually a painting in a fine and small-scale manner, overwhelming rich in traditions and has long journeyed from a historical path of evolution…and… 

Lights off, eh??
What’s that shimmering glow in the dark? 
Oh, the inspired-looking Abolghasemi actually turned off all the light switches because he wanted to show me another of his marvellous artwork!

Portraying a distinctive art style, Abolghasemi painted all his artworks with his own visualisation of poetry and literature of Iran. Closely embedded in his heart, Abolghasemi develops the miniature into a beautiful marriage of artistic and poetic language as he garners the deep and sincere harmonization with poetry. 

The close view

The view from the magnifying glass
Having my meaningful conversation with both Abolghasemi and Yaghoubi, I was feeling utmost grateful as it was a new, artistic learning experience for me to learn about Persian miniature. Abolghasemi actually handed me a magnifying glass so that I could see the BIG picture one by one!
     Abolghasemi & Yaghoubi 
Based on my own perspective of thoughts, I sensed that illustration is the most significant element in Persian miniature art. Just by observing Abolghasemi’s artworks, the visual images allure an understanding of the literary plot, thus making them more entertaining and obviously easier for us to comprehend the legends, myth or tales behind every of them. 
Lucky to be in Cube Gallery on that fine evening, I got to know that his exhibition was only for a short duration and his masterpieces were not for sale! Why?? Actually, these captivating miniatures belong to art museums from all over the world! Abolghasemi virtuously brought them all to Malaysia for display because he wanted to promote Persian miniature to the eyes of enthusiastic Malaysians!

The much-loved Persian cat

An artwork made from real jewels!

 Hop into Cube Gallery and be prepared for even more breathtaking and bedazzling artworks!

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