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Alyssa Galeri – Essence of the Penang Heritage

The front view of Alyssa Galeri

Do you know there is something intriguingly unique at the very end corner of Penang Street in Georgetown? Sniff the trail to the exhilarating experience as one truly falls head over heels with the majestic landscape of more than a century-old building located among the teeming tales from the land of wonders. Amidst from the hustle bustle of the vigorous city, Alyssa Galeri miraculously magnetizes any passer-by to enter its kingdom of vibrant art and culture.
Colours of Life Exhibition

Before I continue any further, how many of you actually like the idea of art and photography as a complete duo? Well, the distinctive two of a kind brings out the best of both worlds to the eyes of fanciful seekers, of course! First and second storey of the old shophouse is converted into artists’ playground, while the highest floor is occupied for the imagery of every photographer’s dream. I know…I know…don’t be trapped inside your colony of thoughts! Make a swift move up north to Penang and see everything by yourself for the irresistible artistic delight!

       Art visitors and enthusiasts
Alyssa Galeri features an array of art collections of most sought-after Malaysian artists. Fine art, contemporary art, sculpture and photography... name it and you will definitely find it there, all hail to the bold and beautiful gallery owner, Miss Alyssa Khoo! 

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