Big Pond


Shahrom @ Yan was born in 1978 and began seriously painting
in 1999. Yan did so by participating in art programs such as the
Children's Arts Workshop under the patronage of the Yusof
Gajah Studio.

His works are produced using various substances such as oil
paints, acrylics, and pastels. However his favorite medium, 
which he frequently uses is batik. His freedom to produce 
works of art shows his achievements and abilities in the art

These works of art potrays the creation of colour that head
towards more profound and stronger colours that leaps out
of his mind and soul.

In year 2003, he was a member of the MYOutsiderart, 
Outsiderart Community of Malaysia with his other artist friends.
Thourgh this he was involved in a few art activities and
exhibitions throughout Kuala Lumpur.