Big Pond

Eddie Lim

After long years of illustrating for publications, when Eddie finally laid down his illustrator's pen for the painter's brush, the freedom that he found on canvas was exhilarating.

That same elation is in his abstract works; decorated with animated lines, moody textures and surprising dashes of colour accompanied by a mysterious written quote or sentence that hints towards the meaning within the painting. There is always something to find within an Eddie Lim artwork as its beauty is in the details.

Eddie informs that abstract art has its basics and is not easy to accomplish the highest form of its art, especially when even Picasso had to struggle a lifetime to achieve that level. Eddie works with acrylics as he appreciates its quick-drying properties which give spontaneity to his paintings. He believes one should not paint for the sake of finishing and often paints many artworks progressively at once.

Old buildings are a fascinating subject to Eddie as he perceives them to symbolise conservation. Like the urban environments it is based upon, Eddie's paintings of doors echo loneliness and mystery. In a world overwhelmed by material things, he believes in showing environmentalism in artworks to provoke a reaction in the audience and make a lasting impression. Interestingly, squares are a consistent element in his paintings, both abstract and urban. Eddie likens them to represent stability and as a window or passage that shows the journey of life.

To show his philosophy and thoughts on canvas is this artist's greatest satisfaction, while exposing Malaysian audiences to the soul within abstract art.