Big Pond

Chekri Mansor

1997 saw the birth of Mohd Rizal. Chekri as he is better known as,
was first interested in the field of art in 1998. He enjoys playing with
bright colours in creative ways to produce works that are based
on social conditions and environmental issues with a symbolic 
methodology so that effects potrays the imagined viewpoints.

Besides using vibrant and bright colours, the subjects are 
allowed to be in a free form so that they manipulate the
perspective of the subject birthing out a unique character.
Creative sketches of shapes produced let loose the artist's
style to project his own identity.

The exposition of style and image it forms explains the works
with expressionistic elements that hone on the images with themes
of nature, music, figurative and culture that is evident yet still brings
forward a veiled message.

The mature use of colours united with perfect sketches form 
character and highlights the desired roles.