Big Pond

Mohana Kumara Velu

Mona’s love for the Arts developed at the tender age of five. While riding the bus with
her family, she chanced upon the murals painted on the walls of the infamous Pudu
Prison in KL. Awed by the vibrant colours of the breathtaking nature scenery, she began
cultivating a desire to paint; little realizing that it would lead to the pursuit of Art as a

Her grandfather identified her talent and the family supported and encouraged her
passion. After high school, she completed a three-month Water Colour Course at the
National Art Gallery from April to June 2006 under the guidance of artist Maamor

Soon after, while others pursued further academic education, she took the path less
travelled and completed a three- year (2006 to 2009) apprenticeship with artist
Jeganathan Ramachandram through Gurukulam, an ancient Indian system of learning,
which she closely followed, observed and participated in the daily activities of the artist.
She says, “The system allowed me to acquire and in-depth knowledge of the fine arts
and gave me the freedom to experiment with artistic ideas and concepts."

Looking ahead, she will indeed remain an artist and seek to ‘utilise art for the larger
good and the progress of society’.She strives to be one who uses Art to promote
awareness of social issues among the general public and sees art as a powerful
communication medium that transcends most forms of differences.

Education Background

2010- 2012 : Malaysia Institute of Art (MIA), Fine Art Diploma
2006 – 2009 : Apprenticeship, Jeganathan Ramachandram
2006 : Water Colour Course, Maamor Jantan (National Art Gallery)
2001-2005 : SMK Convent Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
Previous Exhibitions / Shows / Projects.
2013 - 4 Steps, the beginning of an artistic journey – Galeri MIA
- KERTAS – Galeri Seni Rumah Terang
2012 - Open Show 2012 – G13 Gallery
- Young Talents – Segaris Art Center
- Blossoms of the Heart – Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM)
2011 - Voices of Nature – Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur
- Life & Nature – Pelita Hati Gallery
- Story Telling – National Art Gallery
- Women and their landscapes – Pace Gallery
- Soaring Colours, the stepping stone to a new beginning – G13 Gallery
- 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival – KL Convention Centre
2010 - “Eye Candy – Feast Your Eyes” – 360 Development Studio
- “Kurnia Cipta 2010” – Galeri Seni Johor
- “Tik Tok Earth” – A Green Project
- Art & Design Exhibition – Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)
- Student Art & Design Exhibition – Chong Hwa Private Institute
- Art Triangle 2010 – National Art Gallery, KL
- Garden of Knowledge Art Charity Fundraiser Project, Galeri Chandan
- Starhill Gallery Award (VAA) – Starhill Gallery
- Young Contemporaries (BMS) 2010 – Finalist
- Merapi Eruption Art Exhibition – House of Matahati
2009 - “Malaysian Emerging Artists Awards (MEA Awards)
- Caves on Canvas – Symbols Art Club
2008 - “8”- An Introduction to Eight Malaysian Artists