Big Pond

Peter Liew

Peter Liew was born in 1955, Perak, Malaysia, in a small town called Tapah. His childhood’s environment had a great impact in Peter Liew’s life as he virtually grew up in nature and heritage and they eventually became the main influence in all his works.
Knowing he loves to paint from a young age, Peter Liew then enrolled into Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) in 1976, one of Malaysia’s leading institute of Art. After graduation, Peter Liew returned to MIA to work as a lecturer from 1981 till 1994. Apart from his teaching and curating commitments, he was still highly active in painting, so much so that he decided to leave his other jobs and focused fully in developing his own works. It was around that time Peter Liew started to travel extensively to other countries to paint. Some of his most prominent works are paintings in various countries across Europe, America, China, Taiwan and New Zealand.
Being one of the leading plein-air and landscape artist in Malaysia, Peter Liew has been invited to exhibit his works in numerous galleries both internationally and nationally including major international art fairs. Peter Liew held his first solo exhibition was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1981. Since then he has held three other solo exhibitions, two in Malaysia and the other in the Museum of the city of Skopje, Macedonia. Peter Liew’s works have also been auctioned by CHRISTIE’s in Singapore.