Big Pond

Lee Eng Beng

Lee Eng Beng has been recognized as one of the most prominent and most accomplished watercolourists in Malaysia for over 20 years. His artworks have been showcased in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and Singapore, as well as various local art exhibitions. Recently, this Penang-born, self-taught artist started exploring with acrylics and oils on canvas; and the result is a collection of brilliant contemporary artwork which is a testament to his skill and versatility. Eng Beng's keen observation on Penang street life and abstract portraiture is present in all his pieces along with his passion for capturing moments of bonding between family members.
Solo Exhibition
2011    Solo Exhibition - ArtBeat the pulse of urban expressionism in Purplehouz
            Fine Arts.

2011    Solo Exhibition – “Penang Life” at WAF Art Gallery in Penang,

Selected Group Exhibitions
1991                International Watercolour Exhibition in Korea.                                
1992                International Watercolour Exhibition in Taiwan.                              
1993                International Watercolour Exhibition in Japan.                                 
1993                Asian International Watercolour Exhibition in Taiwan.                                
1993-2010     Open Art Exhibition Pesta Pulau Pinang, Penang.                            
1994                Asian International Watercolour Exhibition in China.                                  
1995                International Watercolour Exhibition in Taiwan.                              
1995                Asian International Watercolour Exhibition in China.                                  
1999                Pesta Artist Extravaganza. (Penang Artist Directory Art Exhibition)
2000-2011      Penang Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition .                             
2001                Art Exhibition - Past & Present of Penang .(ABN-AMBRO House

2005-2011     Malaysian Watercolour Society Annaul Exhibition .                         
2006                Enchanting Colourful . (National Art Gallery, KL)                          
2007                Sincerity International 2007 Autumn Exhibition & Auction ,

2007                Program Kem Pelukis Malaysia - 50 Tahun Kemerdekaan Malaysia.                       
2008                Art Expo Malaysia 2008 Kuala Lumpur.                               
2008                Putrajaya Watercolour Art Exhibition 2008 .                                    
2008                UNESCO - Penang George Town's Herritage .                                
1999-2011     Penang Art Society Annual Exhibition .                               
2009                2009 Incheon Global Cities Arts Exchange Exhibition ,

2010                Art Village - Bangsa KL.                               
2011                RTM TV Program -Unesco Penang Herritage by Lensa Film Sdn. Bhd.   

Selected Awards

1989-1991    1st Prize in the Malaysia Watercolour Painting Competition by
                         Teochew Association.                               

1994                Major Prize - Young Talent Art Exhibition - Penang.                                   
1996                Merit Prize - Young Talent Art Exhibition - Penang.                        
2006                Merit Prize - 1st Putrajaya Watercolour

2010                Merit Prize - Malaysia Watercolour 2010.                             
2011                UOB Prize - The Best of 20 Paintings 2011.                         
Art Societies

Member of Penang Watercolour Society                                           
Member of Penang Art Society                                             
Member of Malaysian Watercolour Society                                      
Member of Kedah Art Society                                              
Selected Public Collections

Penang Museum & Art Gallery.                                            
National Art Gallery , Malaysia .                                           
Hotel Equatorial Penang .                                          
Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).                                             
Penang Development Cooperation (PDC).                                        
South Island Garment - (Nike).                                             
Island Hospital.