Big Pond

Zaidah Abdullah

An art teacher by profession, Zaidah felt the need to immerse
herself further in art. So she secured a Ministry of Education
scholarship to study Fine Art at Universiti Teknologi MARA
(UiTM) in 1987. She earned its best Student Award for School
of Art and Design and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts
degree in 1991. Her dedication to teaching saw her again on
a scholarship, this time to do her Masters in Education at
University Malaya (1999).  And during these scholarly times,
she still continued painting and inspiring her students and
questioning the direction of art.

After 30 years of teaching, Zaidah decided that it was time to
devote her efforts solely to her own painting, without any
constraints of academic duties or deadlines.  She took the
early retirement option and now spents all her energy painting
and painting. From a time of black, white and grey, she re-emerges
now in vibrant colours and bold, expressive, free-style  brushstrokes,
hinting at nature, at what she calls abstract landscapes of places she
has visited. Her paintings have a sense of peering into nature.