Big Pond

Khor Wei Kiang

1971 - Kedah, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur College of Art (1993-1996)

Excellent Award, The Conucopia of Malaysia Arts 1996

In his childhood memories, he had a colourful fantasy
about underwater life. Some dreamlike features that
stick on to his mind. Going through his diploma in Fine
Arts is a step closer to life. The discovery of naive art
style in his identity - The Fish Series.

To him, naive art is his way of expressing himself. as
a matter of fact, one is inseperable with the memories
of being a child. The brilliant colours. The thick medium
- the gunny. Discovering a unique medium as gunny to 
express his artistic statement is another distinctive style
of Wei Kiang. The effect of this combination creates a
thick, emborse finish to his artworks.

Since 1994 had participated in more than 25 exhibitions.
He was among the artists participating at the prestigious
Philip Morris in 1996 and 1997. His works are now a
permanent collection in Japan, Korea, England and
United States.