Big Pond

Jamal Tommy

I have been painting from a very young age and at the age of 10, sketched portraits of local and international artistes and singers. I was born in Muar, Johore and in secondary school was popularly known as ‘the portrait artist’. One of my sketched portraits was donated to a school in 1983, after which the head of the school encouraged me to sketch portraits of the then Prime Minister and other well-known personalities. I was also encouraged by my art teacher and other teachers in the school to continue my studies in art, after which I was accepted to undertake a degree at UiTM, Shah Alam in Art and Design, majoring in advertising. I am still a practising graphic artist, to date. I now live with my family in Batang Kali, Selangor, less than an hour’s drive from the capital Kuala Lumpur. My weekends are usually occupied with art or painting activities together with my collective of fellow artists, or finishing up a piece in my studio, for forthcoming exhibitions. Watercolours are my preferred medium at the moment.
“The Wonder of Watercolours” This is what I experience whenever I use watercolours as a medium for my art. “Nature’s beauty inspires me”. I study the location and survey its surroundings, blending it into an attractive composition, before sketching, painting and completing on location.

This way, the artist feels, experiences and internalises whilst creating. At one with my soul and nature, this is how I feel whenever I paint. In the past, I used to prepare sketches and outlines for a particular piece besides taking photographs, and then completing the piece in my studio.
My soul is at peace whenever I paint, calmness envelopes me and everyday problems just drift away from mind. Being creative, like painting provides an escape and a balance to everyday life, which is why “I will keep on painting”.