Big Pond

Amir Awang

Twenty years is a long time to put a dream on hold. Busy with
a career in broadcasting, he is now resurrecting his passion
for painting (since 2010). 
In the early days, he took a part-time course in fine art / graphic
design at Angkatan Pelukis SeMalaysia (1978), followed by a
Diploma in Art and Design at Universiti Teknologi MARA (1983). 
Between 1978-1989, he participated in various art exhibitions.
Then, he became involved in both the motion and print field, as
a designer, illustrator and art director. His involvement in
broadcasting deepened with study trips to Mediascape
Museum, NBC Studios and Universal Studios. Also conducted
a graphic design course for TV3 in Ghana, Africa.
But now, his focus is on his painting, an abstract expressionist
style using mixed media, such as acrylic and marker pens,
focusing on the contrast of the positive and negative, an
exploration of his feelings. Always motivated, he says - Once
you step forward to do what you wish, there is no looking back!