Big Pond

Hafiz Ishak

Having a supportive family has given Hafiz the impetus to be an artist.
He was one of only 12 artists chosen to have a solo exhibition at NSTP’s
Balai Berita in 2010. This young man (born in 1981) has already
participated in numerous exhibitions including the "Kepada Mu Kekasih"
exhibition at National Art Gallery where his painting entitled 'Iqra' was
awarded Best Painting. Currently, he joins 21 other Malaysian artists in
an Artists Colony at Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex where he contemplates,
paints and displays his artwork.
In his paintings, he conveys a sense of movement and flow.  An
expressionist at heart, he  layers his images and colours, so one sees
or perceives a kind of perspective when one takes the time to look and
experience it.  To achieve the desired effect and impact, he uses mixed
media with acrylic paints and a plethora of everyday items, including his
arm to ‘paint’. These make shift tools provide a raw and organic texture to
his painting.