Big Pond

Lim Ah Cheng

Lim paints to capture the spirit of his subjects, be it horses, dancers
or members of an orchestra. Well-known for his painting of galloping
horses in wild abandonment, he uses oil, acrylic and Chinese ink in
fluid brushstrokes and colour to give a feeling of speed and lots of
movement, kicking up dust as his horses trample across the canvas.
He studied graphic design and oil painting at Malaysia Institute of Art
(1988-92),  illustration at Tatsun Studio and Chinese ink painting under
Chong Cheng Chuan, a local master for eight years. So having been
exposed to both Western and Oriental styles and realising his true
calling, he took a bold step and became a professional artist in 1996. 
To date, he has seven solo exhibitions and numerous group shows
locally and overseas.
Because I have to build my own style and approach, I have to have a
great deal of discipline, inspiration and creativity. Lim also adds that
one has to constantly grow in his art, change, try new ideas!