Big Pond

Ng Ah Kwai

Ng Ah Kwai was awarded the ‘Tokoh Pekerja’ and “Vocational
Award’ for his untiring publicity work in the promotion of art.
He has painted since he was 16 years old. His painting,
Arowana took 2nd prize at the Royal Queensland Show
(2006) and he has given many painting demonstrations -
demonstrations on the technique of painting with his
right foot, for he was born without arms.  But through
sheer determination and grit, he has gone beyond his
disability to become an artist. He joined the Association
of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists in 1983 and was promoted
to full member in 1996.
He paints in various media, both Western and Chinese
brush painting.  His paintings have been presented to the
King of Malaysia, and two former Prime Ministers of Malaysia. 
He was also involved in the launch of Tele-Kasih, a tele-charity
project for the poor and needy. 
Married with two children, his wish is to be self-reliant and that
his art is appreciated and enjoyed by many.