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Ismail Rakib

Ismail Rakib is a self-taught artist from Kedah, born in 1970.
He was invited by Petronas Gallery to take part in an exhibition
‘Face the Act’. His painting entitled “Satu Kepala Dua Rupa” is
now part of  Petronas Gallery’s art collection.  This is yet another
amicable feat for one who has faced huge challenges in his life,
for he was born physically deformed. But he took it in his stride
and taught himself to paint with his mouth, since school days.
Having a penchant for active life, his hobbies are travelling and,
of course, painting.
He is also a member of Association of Mouth and Foot Painting
Artists and paints in many media, including acrylic and watercolour.
His artworks are submitted to its head office in the Principality of
Liechtenstein, where they are documented and reproduced into
greetings cards, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, etc. for sale by Mouth
and Foot Painting Artists offices all over the world. Originals of
artists’ works can also be purchased. Self-help, not charity is their motto.

RESORTS World Genting organised the second edition of the
“Malaysia through the Eyes of the Artist” art competition in
conjunction with the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival 2013.
The competition in May was divided into two categories —
the slow learner and physically disabled category and the youth
category for those aged between 18 and 25. This year, 40
participants submitted a total of 48 pieces of artwork.
The first-prize winner in the slow learner and physically disabled
category went to Ismail Rakib from the Association Mouth & Foot
Painting Artists with his painting called “Old House Old Game”.