Big Pond

Ahmed Fauzi Mohamed

I have acquired the knowledge of art and design through
a self-taught. A long working experience both in small
companies and established bodies has helped me a lot
to understand about art. This is further enhanced through
reading art and design books that has brought me into
deeper understanding. This knowledge has widened
my insight about art.

Having started as a commercial painter in the early years
since 1968, I have used gloss and emulsion paints making
advertisements on commercial vans, matte walls, billboards
and other bases; painting cordials, beverages bottles, cooking
oils, biscuits, etc. Subconsciously, I have made myself a
typographer painting words side by side with pictures.

With relatively ample period of experience on vans, walls and
billboards, I have switched to another media in a television
station. Here I did promotional pieces for programmes,
television graphics and sets. After having saturated with the
working nature, I found a better job in a big publication house.
Typography, graphics and illustrations are no strangers to me
at this time of my career. In later years, having to equip myself
with education I took an off-campus studies and got a
management  paper in business studies, no less than aiming
for promotions in that agency. I have also gathered some
experiences overseas in short study tours. I was attached to some publishing companies in the city of Paris in 1994. In another district in France I have attended Children’s Books Illustration Workshop, exhibition and conference in collaboration with Children’s Book Exposition (10 e Salon du Livre de Jeunesse), Seine Saint Denis in Montreuil, during that same year. In Bologna, Italy I have attended a Bologna Fierre Illustrators Meeting and Children’s Books Illustration Exhibition and Workshop at Bologna Children’s Book Fare in 2002. I ended up my career as an art director / Head of Science Book Publication Design in Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in 2003.

To name a few some of my art achievements are: design of logo Cintailah Bahasa Kita; Best Calendar of the year 1986 and 1993; Best Magazine Cover 1989; Best Poster Pemadam ( Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Centre ) 1989.

Exhibition of Water Colour
Mid valley Kuala Lumpur (group)
Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex (group)

Balai Berita, The New Straits Times Press, Kuala Lumpur (solo)
Kurnia Cipta, Yayasan Johor (group)
Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex (group)
Conlay Art Habitat  at Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur (group)
Kuala Lumpur PWTC UMNO General Assembly (group)

Galeri Pelita Hati House Kuala Lumpur (group)
Shah Alam Open, Galeri Shah Alam, Selangor (group)
MCAT, KLCC (group)
Pameran Amal Fatah, Kuala Lumpur Craft complex (group)
Kementerian Pelancongan, Putrajaya (group)

2013-MCAT, Langkawi (group)
Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex (group)
Erti Gallery (group)
Gema Suasana, Shah Alam Gallery (group)
MCAT, Bukit Jalil (group)
Art for the World, Kuala lumpur Craft Complex (group)
Balai Berita, The New Straits Press, Kuala Lumpur (solo)        
Shah Alam Open, Galeri Shah Alam, Selangor (group)

The exhibitions above from 2009 – 2013 tells about the new stream that I have entered after ending up my career in graphic design and illustration. This new line in fine art has set a new experience for me. Subconciously the former stream has acted as a base that has helped a lot for me to make an easier path to pursue in this new art journey, furthermore the old medium of water colour is still favored.      
Mangrove realm is my choice of subject matter for my art expression as this realm has been experienced since younger years.  

As time passed by, the memories of the mangrove world are still fresh. Only by beginning of 2004 this nostalgia has been projected on to the paper. New experience of travelling from north to south of Peninsular Malaysia in the western coastal line has made me produced paintings that realizes exhibitions-make-possible in 2009 to 2013. I have given a name for these paintings in a series known as Serene Frontier which is being manifested by a calm scene of mangrove with its reflection on salty waterfront.  

In "Serene Frontier 1" a collection of about 50 pieces of water colour paintings was done on full size and a few in half of full size. The collection features mangrove extensively. It reveals my admiration and connection with this nature. The scene features the intricacies and nuances of colours of mangrove. The location of sceneries is along the western coastal part of Malaysia, from Sungai Merbok in the north down to Tanjung Belungkur in Johor. It is like a journey.
The journey continues with ‘Serene Frontier 2'. This new collection of 30 paintings realizes with a much bigger size. The paintings are done in double full size that is double the size of the paintings in ‘Serene Frontier 1’. The previous series brought about a refreshing interpretation of the natural true colours of mangrove trees’ leaves, branches, roots and their reflections on salty water, while the new series advances on a refreshing new colours with some values of contemporaries. The colours are differed and nuanced not in their true neutrals. I have put on to a rather flamboyance one. Some of them with nuances that some people would hardly associate them with tropical climate colour nature. The overall presentation of the paintings in this series I would say are colourful. A few of them are analogous to colors of infrared photographic recordings. And I feel like naming this new series of mine as "The Colourflex" in my own term. By that I will not forget the perpetual natural colors of the mangrove, but having to experiment with some new colors is of no sin.