Big Pond

Lee Weng Fatt

Lee Weng Fatt (b. 1967) has a knack for painting old buildings as he believes in the philosophy – the older the better.

This talented artist, popularly known as the ‘building whisperer’, produces interesting artworks after exploring the façades of heritage or old buildings. Even his peers praise him, as painting seems very much in his blood. Lee has an outstanding versatility; that after spending years using watercolour and ink as his medium, Lee’s gamble by trying his hand at oil painting too, paid off handsomely.

All this boils down to hard work and perseverance as Lee not only managed to carve a name for himself but he can look at paintings from a different perspective and raise his ability to the next level. One of his trademarks is that his paintings are always populated by people. He draws inspiration mostly based on his observation of their daily lives.