Big Pond

Kam Wui Mui

study in Kuala Lumpur Art of College.

2008 I've received numerous awards in 2008
2009 Teacher and students group exhibition in 2009
at Chinwoo Athetic Association Selangor.
2010 I also participated in numerous group exhibitions
and charity
2010 Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (CINA) LICK HUNG
for charity two Chinese ink painting in 2010.
2010 Beyond the Stroke by Penang Art Society in 2010.
2010 The group (Hakka ) exhibition in the word 2010.
2010 Calligraphy in 2010 group exhibition.
2011 Sabah group exhibition in 2011.
2011 Penang Art Society group exhibition in 2011
2011 MIECC - ZONE F in 2011.
2012 Spring Art Exhibition(Toccata Studio).Spring Art
Exhibition (Toccata Studio)in 2012
2012 Cao Tang Men Eastern Arts Society Malaysia group
exhibition 2012.
2012 Persatuan Pelukis Malaysia (Malaysian Artists Society )
in Universities Malaya 2012.
2012 Indonesia Chinese new paper interview in 2012 Feb 19th
2012 Sin Chew Chinese new paper interview in 2012 for charity exhibition.
2012 KAM WUI MUI charity exhibition of Chinese ink painting in 2012 oct 27th.
2013 Penang Art Society group exhibition in 2013.
2013 Sabah Chinese ink Painting in 2013.
2013 Art Malaysia Art Tourism  exhibition in 18th Sept 2013
2013 Persatuan Pelukis Malaysia (Malaysian Artists Society)
group exhibition in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in 2013 oct.