Big Pond

Denise Fernandez

My designs are an exploration of forms, patterns, colors
and personal experiences: floral are the inspiration, but
their motif and patterns around them speak just as forcefully.

Within my design are also an exploration of the formal rules
of composition and a conscious attempt to challenge and
break those rules. I am influenced by Gustav Klimt’s spiral
style pattern. My artwork takes a critical view of social, political
and cultural issues. Each work often consists of multiple
outcomes, often in a range of different media, grouped
around specific themes and meanings. During research and
production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body
of work.

In this work, I could sense that we often just put our mind set
into work force where we always neglected our surroundings.
Thus, I would love to have a more relaxing environment in
producing more creative and aesthetic artwork. Work always ties
us down where we always tag as busy. Forgetting about our families,
friends and even didn’t spend enough time for our own self. In this
painting, I would like to express more freedom in our mind set for our
own health and wealth benefits.

Currently, I am working in New Era College, Kajang; under Art &
Design Dept, as a fulltime Lecturer and Module Leader for UWE
University Degree Programme. Attentively, I would like to work in
depth the core content of the module and teaching methods.

Besides teaching, I am also working on some freelancing for name
cards, flyers, posters, promotional items and etc. I am also hoping to
pursue my PhD studies in the near coming future. 

No. Hp : +6012.685.8338
Email   :