Big Pond

Christine Lee Liew Khim

  • Worked as an art teacher in Elaine Art Centre since 2005.
  • My artworks usually related to landscapes or even some nature life.
  • Specialize in watercolours as well.
  • Take some courses and learn more from artists to upgrade myself before.
  • Started to draw about landscapes and nature life since 18 years old.

Artist's Statement

Life really beautiful. I love nature too. The flowers are blooming so nice, the snow
cover the mountain with the beautiful sunrise, the water falls between the rocks,
the fishes are swimming joyfully in water and ect. I found that in these artworks will
make me feel relax, freedom and fresh too from our stressful world. Those natural
life are the miracle in our world. I wish to share the glorious feeling with everyone
through painting. You will feel amazing in the life.