Big Pond

Siti Khadijah Ibrahim

Her interests in painting and arts & craft developed since
primary school, culminating in her winning second place
in the Kelantan Inter School Art Competition in 1966.
Naturally, she became an avid painter while studying at
Sekolah Menengah Ismail Petra in 1968-1969 where she
was an active member of the school’s Visual Arts Club.
While in MAS, she was involved in the activities of the
company’s Art & Craft Club and had participated in several
art exhibitions which were organized by the Club. She has
also attended seminars/courses, organized by the Club,
conducted by a UiTM lecturer. She won a second prize at a
painting competition, organized by the MAS Penang QCC
(Quality Control Circle) in 1984.

In Jeddah, she studied under the tutelage of Indian and
Korean artists in the field of water, oil, porcelain, silk painting
and glass paintings. She joined the Jeddah Art Club and had
participated in several exhibitions which were organized by the
\Club. She also gave art lessons to members of the local and
expatriate communities (Lebanese, Palestinian, Albanian,
Japanese) including their children. She was able to produce
several water and oil based paintings during her stay in Jeddah.

Upon returning to Malaysia in 2008, she became a member of the
National Visual Art Gallery (NVAG) and has been selected to
participate in NVAG’s “Members Only” Exhibition in 2012.