Big Pond

Kong Yink Heay

Being someone from science background, Yink Heay
tends to over-analyze and over-think; including the time
she spends on arts as a hobby. Before she starts to work
on a painting, she spends long hours or even weeks just
to plan the concept of a painting, the main object of the
concept, the presentation of the main object, the approach
to the presentation and the angle of the approach.
Yink Heay was introduced to art since toddler age by her
parents who are both art tutors graduated from Malaysian
Institute of Art in the 1970s. The early encounter had won
her several national children art competitions. Possibly
she stayed in science for too long that her artistic side
started to rebel and started to see splashes of colours in
dreams. In the recent years, she started to learn oil painting
herself and became a self-taught hobbyist artist, and started to
enjoy the painting process which sometimes deprives her from
sleep and meals.
Yink Heay’s paintings topics range from scientific field e.g. cells
under microscope, to flora, fauna and even astronomy. Since
science is closely related to nature, Yink Heay tries to emphasize
the beauty of nature and science in her paintings