Big Pond

Sharon Shanti

A self-taught painter, born 1972 in Ipoh, Malaysia. My work travels took me around the world and I was rooted to my business in the medical industry. I buried my dream to be an artist and joined the work force at 19. However, I felt a strong desire to follow my heart and left my career and security. In the monsoon of 2012, I moved to peaceful Taiping to set up my art studio. I grew up in this historical little town and had an interest in art as I playfully painted in oils as a teenager. Now, surrounded by misty hills, serene lakes and abundant waterfalls, once again I’ve found a perfect place to begin as an artist. Here, at times I paint outdoors. When I paint, my intention is to express messages beyond words.  To allow the subject to resonate with the viewer. Truly, nature is my favourite subject but everyday scenes captures my attention too. Due to my avid admiration of masters like Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne, I’d like to add more impressionist style in my works.  Over the years, my passion for art grew deeper by studying the life and works of other artists. I know now that I took the plunge only because I wanted to develop the true artist within me and be a source of joy through my creations.

2009 “Caves on Canvas”  Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur
2011 “Voices of Nature” Alliance Francaise de Kuala Lumpur

I embarked on Heartscapes as my first project in Taiping to mark the point of no turning back of my journey as an artist. (Target is 41 works before June 2014) Depicting the wonderment that has nurtured me in the journey of my life, I enjoy painting elements surrounding me as subjects to evoke my emotions and reveal my true feelings. I feel an immense sense of peace soaking up outdoors which ignites me to encourage others to admire the natural beauty and gentle moments of life.

Recording fleeting moments on canvas warms my heart, allowing me to remain in touch with the eternal beauty. While simply painting or walking in the parks, I take in the sweetness and silent bliss that nature provides. I aspire to give form to a world of emotions and imagination while engaging the viewer with the play of light in vibrant colours. Ultimately, the beauty that I passionately feel and see can never be the same for another as seen through my eyes or felt by my heart…however, I wish to share these valuable glimpses while secretly wishing that their hearts are fulfilled just as mine.
This is my commitment.