Big Pond

Lim Anuar

Past exhibitions: 

Nukilan Jiwaku Art Exhibition, 2012,
Maybank, Kuala Lumpur

Awards / recognitions:

Gold Medal - Silk painting competition 2011, 8th
International Abilympics, Seoul, Korea

Special Award for The Disabled (Abilympic
Category) from the Prime Minister of Malaysia,

Artist Statement:

My paintings capture the joy of childhood and mingling with nature,
as experienced personally during my formative years in Penang
between 1973-1985. My unique interpretation and visualisation
features the scene of the places I grew up in Tanjung Bungah,
Penang. The memories of the rustic village scenes, including the
flora and fauna were illustrated using the batik medium. My painting
incorporates profusion of local colours, based on the belief that one
must harmonize with the environment and respect it.