Big Pond

Bridget Lee Sook Heng

Group Exhibition  

- 2011   Shi Yuan contemporary art exhibition, Artseni gallery, Starhill
- 2009   Love is Beautiful, Art lives gallery, Sri Hartamas
- 2009   The Message, Christian Art exhibition, Artseni gallery, Starhill
- 2009   Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul. Gyeong Hui Gung Annex
              building of the Seoul Museum of Art.
- 2008   The Urban ArtBeat collage at Starhill Gallery Art Festival
- 2008   The 18th CBMC Asian Convention” More than Conquerors”, JW
              Marriot Hotel
- 2008   The 70th Annual Exhibition of Mokwoohoe with Prominent
               Malaysian Artists, Korea
- 2002    participated and exhibited at ‘The X-bits”
- 1999    participated and exhibited at the Phillip Morris Art Award
- 1997    Anglia Polytechnic Degree Show
- 1997    Cambridge University Student Art Exhibition
- 1996    King College Student Art Exhibition

Commissioned artwork

2004   A series of paintings – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Artist’s Statement
I am exploring a series of work based of garden theme.  My paintings
are mostly expression of my feeling about garden, plants and its many
associations; they are inspired by scriptures, my experiences of nature
and imagination. 
With mental images, imagination and at times memories, garden theme
is set to portray and capture the essence of creating force and energy in
nature. Plants often signify grow, procreation and life cycle.  Flowers are
admired for its beauty, variety and uniqueness.   As I exploring and develop
my work; colors often take the center stage and set the mood for each
painting. Repeated motifs of plants and flowers in variation give forms to the
paintings.  Each painting is strike to achieve its expression and allow something
new to take place.   It is exciting to experiment and to see fluidity of colors, lines
and organic forms interrelated and intertwined, merging and coming into being. 
I would like to express this wonderful journey of faith in my artwork that
embraces essence of growth, beauty, creative energy, light, fragrance …
“Let the land produce vegetation: seed- bearing plants and trees on the land
that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.”  And it was so.
Genesis 1:11