Big Pond

Nizar Sulaiman

Nizar has been drawing from a young age but became seriously involved in art during his Fine Art studies at Universiti Teknologi MARA since 2007. Naturalism is his preferred style; using elements of realism to present his works. Utilizing charcoal in most of his artworks, which are mostly black and white, for Nizar art begins with intention, then idea to research, and finally creating the artwork, whereby the process ends at the exhibition. Inspiration is from God, and the messages in his artworks are not in a weighty context. Nizar's main influence in the process of finding his own 'significant form' is local artists.

Nizar wants to paint an image that contains semantics, or meaning, so that it contrasts with semiotics, or iconology. His painting of a sleeping lion shows a contrast from the animal's usual fierce demeanor; there is a message about poaching, but it is within the larger context of showing the majesty of God's creation to audiences.

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